Pronounciation  (f)  bē-ˈā-tä\   (m)  bē-ˈā-təs\ 

Origin: Latin; To Be Blessed. 

Our Story

Beata Beatus was originally founded by a girl who wanted to create minimalistic tees representing scripture. In 2015, she strategically used the tagline Wear It- Live It, in hopes to do more than just Tees, but to create content that served the needs of youth & helped them to walk out what the word represented.

Beata Beatus has now evolved into a social enterprise; targeting youth and providing services that use education and the arts for encouragement, healing & positive social development.


Our Foundation

Deuteronomy 28:1-6

It's what we stand on.
It's what we live by.


 Our Purpose 

Our mission is to create a framework and cultivate spaces for growth & development amongst youth in our community; educationally, socially & emotionally.



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